Episode 34: Dale Merritt- Making The Case For Picking Up A Pointing Lab
Episode 33: Bob St. Pierre- The Best (And Worst) Aspects of Owning German Shorthair Pointers
Episode 32: Ira McCauley- Avoiding Common Canine Ailments, Gruesome Injuries & Aggressive Pups
Episode 31: Faansie Basson- Establishing Long-Distance Control With Driven Dogs
Episode 30: John Nores- Beating The Mexican Drug Cartel With Belgian Malinois
Episode 29: Morgan Mason- Griffons, Drahthaars & Western Upland Opportunities
Episode 28: Tiffany Lakosky- Keeping Good Company With A Pack Of Labs
Episode 27: Steve Snell- There's No Such Thing As 'Too Many Dogs'
Episode 26: David Davis- Looking Back On A Lab-Filled Training Career
Episode 25: Alex Brittingham- Jack Russells In The Duck Blind
Episode 24: Todd Agnew- Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels
Episode 23: Kali Parmley- A Love Of Bird Dogs & Open-To-All Wild Lands
Episode 22: Chris Ruben- Deciphering Dog-Treat Speak
Episode 21: Rhett Hall- Devoted To Drahthaars
Episode 20: Ron Schara- A Business Based On Story-Telling & Black Labs
Episode 19: Rich Louter- Hunting Poodles: An Unconventional Bird Dog With Brains & Drive To Spare
Episode 18: George Hickox- The No-Free-Lunch Training Strategy
Episode 17: Addison Edmonds- A Life of Bird Dogs, Business, Babies & Bass Fishing
Episode 16: Brian & Jenny Beadling- Dock Jumpers: German Shorthairs In Unfamiliar Waters
Episode 15: Ashly Kite- Dog Training's Mr. Fix-It