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Episode 29: Morgan Mason- Griffons, Drahthaars & Western Upland Opportunities
Episode 28: Tiffany Lakosky- Keeping Good Company With A Pack Of Labs
Episode 27: Steve Snell- There's No Such Thing As 'Too Many Dogs'
Episode 24: Todd Agnew- Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels
Episode 23: Kali Parmley- A Love Of Bird Dogs & Open-To-All Wild Lands
Episode 21: Rhett Hall- Devoted To Drahthaars
Episode 20: Ron Schara- A Business Based On Story-Telling & Black Labs
Episode 19: Rich Louter- Hunting Poodles: An Unconventional Bird Dog With Brains & Drive To Spare
Episode 17: Addison Edmonds- A Life of Bird Dogs, Business, Babies & Bass Fishing
Episode 14: Matt Seidel- Mapping Your Way To Mallards
Episode 11: Simone Schara- A Lifetime Of Showing The Men How It's Done
Episode 10: Running A Red Setter In A High-Tech World
Episode 6: Karl Gunzer- Importance Of Canine Nutrition
Episode 5: Tina Dokken- Becoming A Hunter
Episode 4: Jeremy Moore- Success In Dog Training
Episode 3: Josh Miller- How One Dog Can Change Your World
Episode 2: Brian Lasley- Canine Instinct & Drive To hunt