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Why High Performance Dog-Foods Are Worth The Price

When you dig into the history of some high-end performance dog foods on the market, you'll often talk with someone who grew up on a farm and understands animal husbandry, including nutrition. Such was the case when I wanted to learn more about Native performance dog food. It became apparent that Kent Nutrition Group's (KNG) Vice President of Nutrition and Product Development, Bruce Read, was the go-to guy for getting the lowdown on this product and KNG's passion for supplying quality animal nutrition for these special canine athletes.

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How To Pick The Perfect Golden Retriever

With a charming, eager-to-please personality and looks to match, the golden retriever has plenty to offer. Yet its skyrocketing popularity is the reason golden retrievers have become victims of their own demand. It's also why those in search of a hard-working golden need to be very careful when choosing a pup for hunting purposes.

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