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Alter Dog Training Scenery For Great Confidence

When you watch a good upland dog working a pheasant field, you'll notice that their behavior might appear random, but it's not. A seasoned dog will quarter into the wind and only take a detour if there is some cover that looks especially good.

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Why High Performance Dog-Foods Are Worth The Price

When you dig into the history of some high-end performance dog foods on the market, you'll often talk with someone who grew up on a farm and understands animal husbandry, including nutrition. Such was the case when I wanted to learn more about Native performance dog food. It became apparent that Kent Nutrition Group's (KNG) Vice President of Nutrition and Product Development, Bruce Read, was the go-to guy for getting the lowdown on this product and KNG's passion for supplying quality animal nutrition for these special canine athletes.

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5 Ways to Challenge A Young Bird Dog

Training a bird dog is a weird process if you think about it. For example, we expose them to challenges that are meant to be so easy they won't fail. If they do fail, we either have a knothead of a pup, or we've given them more than they can handle. The latter is usually (hopefully) the case.

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